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Prototyping Labs Membership

Companies or organizations pay an monthly membership fee that helps maintain the Labs and the operations of the program. Organizations may enroll individual users for an monthly user fee that covers the materials, training, and access associated with personal use. The number of users is limited only by the capacity of the Labs (at this time there is no limit on number of individual users per company).

As members of the program, users are able to access the Labs during scheduled open hours (typically no less than 32 hours per week, adjusted quarterly based on the academic schedule), with open access to a wide array of equipment and materials at no additional cost, and access to specialty tools and equipment with associated fees. Users are also able to attend trainings, workshop programming, and other Labs events and activities as members of our community.

GIX Prototyping Labs members may hire the services of GIX staff provide project consulting, production labor, and output services at a discount below the external rates we offer non-members. Simple services, such as ordering 3D prints, have set rates. More complex projects that require extensive planning, project consulting, intensive staff labor, or have other atypical requirements are provided with a quote for approval prior to the initiation of services.

Learn more about the Labs membership.

To sign up, contact Labs Manager Kevin Arne.