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GIX’s Academic Network brings together leading global universities that are committed to developing new models of experiential education and practice that will produce innovative leaders able to contribute solutions that address the world’s most pressing challenges.

The collective vision of the Academic Network is to increase the impact and global reach of each partner institution as they develop innovative programs and solutions. Some of our planned approaches include:

  • Sharing GIX models for training innovative leaders, securing corporate investment, integrating social impact, and adapt for institutional needs
  • Augmenting complementary programs and develop new programs with/at partner institutions
  • Developing new initiatives, programs, and modules that help institutions collaborate and become more competitive for funding
  • Providing meaningful and valuable opportunities for Academic Network institutions, faculty, and students
  • Leveraging network to support needs of MSTI, as a model for network support for other programs in future

The Academic Network aims to create and support innovative programs, opportunities, and collaborations that leverage the GIX model and each institution’s expertise, resources, and networks. Please explore some of our current opportunities below.


  • Faculty Engagement Travel Grants

    GIX Faculty Engagement Travel Grants are designed to promote GIX network faculty cooperation and interaction with students in fields related to GIX academic offerings; this includes, but is not limited to, the fields of design, computer science, entrepreneurship and engineering. The purpose of the grant is to introduce network faculty to the GIX learning model and for those faculty to engage and contribute to GIX's unique learning environment during their visits. Examples of faculty engagement activities might include providing a guest lecture or teaching a short-course, and/or taking part in a GIX student project. Following the visit, we ask that faculty return to their home campuses and to help identify students who might be interested to apply to GIX as degree candidates as well as faculty colleagues interested to apply for the faculty engagement grant or set up an independent visit to GIX.

    Faculty interested in applying for an engagement grant should understand that GIX is a project-based learning environment comprised of classrooms and makers-spaces designed to inspire and support innovative projects; it is not a research facility with labs and instruments found in traditional research settings. Therefore, the focus of the visit should be to explore opportunities within the GIX framework rather than research. With this said, grant recipients will also have the opportunity to meet with faculty on UW’s main campus in Seattle and, if interested, to discuss possibilities for research collaboration outside the GIX framework.

    To be eligible, applicants must have a current faculty appointment at a GIX network institution, have expertise in GIX related field of study, and be nominated for the grant by their university.

    Apply now.

  • Student Fellowships

    We are pleased to offer a fellowship opportunity to outstanding Academic Network applicants to the Master of Science in Technology Innovation or Dual Degree programs. GIX will award $10,000 fellowships to two qualified applicants from each institution in the GIX Academic Network, to be applied toward graduate tuition during the term of their MSTI degree. In addition to the scholarship funds, students will be invited to participate in special events, activities, or travel, and serve as their institution’s GIX Academic Network student representative.

    To qualify, applicants must be currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a degree program at an institution in the Global Innovation Exchange’s Academic Network. Awards will be based on academic achievement, outreach and community involvement, leadership, and relevant awards or activities. Decisions on scholarships will be made at the same time as admissions, with notifications by March 15.

    Students who would like to be considered should apply through the normal application process, specifying their interest in the fellowship in their personal statement and including one paragraph about how and why they would be a good advocate for the program at their home institution.

    Download a flyer.

  • International Mentor Network

    If you are interested in joining our network of mentors, we will add you to our mentor database system. Through this system you can learn about students and connect with other colleagues and mentors in the program. Students will be able to review your profile and experience, and contact you directly with questions about your institution, graduate school, working on your country, or for general career advice. We have no specific expectations for length or amount of participation, so you are free to change your status as a mentor at any time. Please feel free to refer colleagues from within the the Academic Network to the network as well.

    As a member of the GIX's international mentor network, students might contact you for advice as they navigate research interests and as they consider your institutions for potential joint collaboration opportunities. By connecting with GIX students, you will also have the chance to learn more about the GIX student experience and related projects.

    If you are interested in becoming a GIX Academic Mentor, please complete the sign-up form and we will send you more information and assist you in the sign-up process.

Faculty Engagement Travel Grants

GIX Faculty Engagement Travel Grants are designed to promote collaboration and interaction with faculty and students in fields related to GIX academic offerings. Visit GIX's hub near Seattle, Washington, USA to gain first-hand experience of the learning model and participate in GIX's unique teaching and learning environment.

MS Programs Information Session

Our information sessions provide the opportunity to learn more about the MSTI and Dual Degree programs and meet some of the faculty, staff, and students involved with the program. If you have a large group of students or faculty interested in learning about our programs, we would be happy to provide a customized online session for your institution.

Cross-Promoting  Programs & Growing Collaborations

We’d love to connect with you to learn more about how we can promote and connect with existing programs and activities at your university.  If you are ever in the Seattle area, please reach out!  We’d love to meet you and give you a tour of the Steve Ballmer building while you are here.