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Be a Mentor

Connect with graduate students to help them reach their goals after graduation.

About our Mentorship Program

  • What does it mean to be a GIX mentor?

    Through the mentorship program, we strive to facilitate meaningful opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, VC funders and faculty experts. Designed for professionals interested in offering perspective, guidance, and insights to the next generation of innovators, our mentors and mentees utilize the Tribute App to review profiles and send connection requests. Mentors can select in the App to be open to meet with up to 5 students at a time. We’ve deliberately designed the mentorship program to be casual. We ask that mentors meet with their student for a minimum of one time. Meetings can take place via video chat or public places such as coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, the Global Innovation Exchange building, etc. If you’d like to continue the conversation and meet again in the future, you are welcome to determine that with your student mentee.

  • How many students will I be matched with?

    We allow mentors to select the number of students (0-5) they are open to meet with using the Tribute App. All connection requests are facilitated through the app. Students send invitations to mentors to start a connection and mentors can select to accept or deny the connection. Mentors are also able to offer mentorship to students using the app.

  • How do I sign up to be a mentor?

    Complete the form on this webpage and be sure to provide information about your background. Once you complete the form, the mentor program manager will review the information to ensure a match. Once the mentor is approved, they will receive directions explaining how to login to the Tribute app and create a profile.

  • How do I create my profile and find a mentee?

    Along with login instructions, all mentors will receive a guide for the Tribute app which contains best practices for completing their profile. Once a profile is live, students will be able to review profiles and at any time can send an invitation to connect with a mentor for mentorship.

    Alternatively, mentors that are interested in offering mentorship are able to review student profiles and can send a connection request offering mentorship to their chosen student(s).

  • What if I no longer have time to provide mentorship but don’t want to delete my profile?

    All mentors are able to use a toggle feature in the Tribute app to designate how many students they are open to connect with for mentorship. If a mentor finds that they will not have time to meet with a student, they are welcome to use the toggle to select 0. Mentors are able to keep their profile live and can then return to update their availability when they have more free time.

  • My mentee has stopped responding to messages or I have another student issue. Who do I contact about the issue?

    Mentors are welcome to email us with any questions at any time.

  • I met with my mentee. What are the next steps?

    Thank you for taking the time to meet with a student! Once you have completed your meeting, you are welcome to create a plan for more meetings with your mentee. Alternatively, if one meeting meets both parties expectations and you nor the student wishes to engage any longer, you are welcome to close the connection. Please be sure to complete the connection closure survey on the Tribute app.

  • I know someone that would be a great mentor for the program. What should I do?

    Feel free to share this webpage with them and have them fill out the form on this page. Once a form is complete the Mentor Program Manager will reach out with more information and next steps. If they have questions prior to completing the form, they are welcome to email us.