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GIX Staff Member, Marleny Monterrozo, Inaugural Recipient of WE Communications Award

Date: October 12, 2018

Marleny Monterrozo, one of the two inaugural recipients for the academic award, tours the WE Communications offices

GIX staff member Marleny Monterrozo was announced as one of the two inaugural recipients of the WE Communications academic award. Marleny is a communications and administrative assistant at GIX.

Established in honor of Pam Edstrom, a public relations industry pioneer and one of the founders of WE Communications, the academic award is part of a student support scholarship fund for undergraduate Communication majors.

As the award’s first recipients, Monterrozo and her co-awardee, Hannah Gavin, had the additional opportunity to tour the WE Communications offices in Seattle and enjoy lunch with CEO and President, Melissa Waggener.

“One of the most exciting parts was going around and meeting everyone, as well as learning about each of their projects and partners, which include companies like Microsoft, McDonalds, etc.,” says Monterrozo. “This was an amazing experience!”

Monterrozo also shared more about her personal philosophy, which both echoes the legacy of Edstrom and coincides with GIX’s focus on collaborating across borders to bring together unique perspectives from around the world.

“Cultural competency is not the end, but rather the beginning of being more inclusive in all our approaches,” says Monterrozo. “As a young woman of color, I identify with many of the barriers that many people in our society currently face. I believe that being able to work at an organization where inclusion and respect is embedded in its vision and model– like at GIX – is key to the success of students and staff.”

Congratulations, Marleny Monterrozo!