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Event will include:
CateringAlcoholAccess for set-up prior to reservation


Event spaces: GIX Commons/150 (cap. 150)231 (cap.125)
Conference rooms: 143 (cap. 10)145 (cap. 20)
Classrooms: 146 (cap. 72)127 (cap. 70)230 (cap. 72)

All reservations include the following:

  • Building access 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after event
  • Use of A/V and furniture provided in the room
  • Garbage receptacles and disposal
  • Attached garage parking (may be limited)

Additional services requested:

Building tour guideMakerspace tour guideAdmin support (e.g., order catering, set up) Tech support (e.g., setting up A/V)Student participation Coffee/tea setup (<50 attendees)Easels and/or whiteboardsList on interactive wallAfter-hours access

Additional details or special requests: