GIX is pleased to provide a pool of funding available to all MSTI students for extra-curricular activities, events, or projects that have the potential to provide long-term positive impact to GIX.

You may request up to $1,000 each funding period for resources and materials related to your proposal. Your request will be evaluated based on the reasonableness of the budget for what is being proposed, its contribution to the community and/or the MSTI program, and its visibility and alignment with GIX’s mission.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until quarterly funds ($3,000) have been fully allocated.

Project Period Application Deadline Decision Date
Fall quarter September 30 October 15
Winter quarter January 18 January 31
Spring quarter March 15 March 31
Summer quarter June 15 June 30


I know of an opportunity that will take place two quarters from now.  Can I apply now?


I don’t know when my project will take place. May I apply anyway?

Unless there is a reason to apply before a project date is set (e.g., funding commitment is needed, schedule is variable, etc.), please wait until you have all the details before submitting a proposal.

Other questions?

Contact Director of Academic Programs Linda Wagner.



Contact Information

Submitter Name


Team Name (if applicable)

Team member names (if applicable)

Project Information

Title or brief description

Project period


Description of proposed project, event, trip:

How does your proposal support the MSTI or GIX's mission?


Financial resources requested (max $1000)

Other resources requested (staff support, space, materials)

How will you organize your team and manage the funds?

Provide a detailed budget and description of expenses

Budget justification: What research or benchmarking did you complete to come up with this estimate?