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MSTI student teams have worked with mentors from T-Mobile since 2018. Following you will find summaries of some of these exciting projects.

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Team AR-row: An Indoor AR Navigation App (2019)

AR-row is an indoor AR navigation app that uses machine learning + SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to provide a reliable, high accuracy means of indoor navigation— along with auto-correction and auto-recalibration. Users can select a destination from a map, scan a marker to detect their current location, and follow AR arrows to their destination. To ensure safety while walking, the team included a compass mode that allows users to still view directional information while their phone is down.

2021 Launch Projects

T-Mobile Equitrack

April Zhao, Haiyang Yu, Hua Lo, Shixin Frank Qin

Equi-Track is a wearable piece of leather horse tack which tracks location and activity data and transfers it to a mobile app. The wearable piece was designed to be installed effortlessly around the horse’s neck. Powered by T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE nework, the GPS location coordinates collected by the wearable piece are sent to the mobile app for a clear visualization.


T-Mobile FireSpace

Hernan F. Herrera Polanco, Marcus Choi, Natalia Stepanova

Our solution is a GPS tracking device that utilizes T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network and can switch to long range (LoRa) radio transmission in order to allow for data sharing in low to no coverage areas. The device pairs to a companion app via Bluetooth Low Energy in order show firefighter real-time locations on downloaded geospatial PDFs maps. The app features hazard marking and location tracking of all responders at a wildfire incident. The tracking devices allow for real-time sharing of inputted markers and personnel locations through use of cell coverage or LoRa.

2020 Launch Projects

T-Mobile Dronected

Issac Boger, Justin Ho, Ke Wang, Chun-an Ku, Wenbo Zhong

5G connected drones give search and rescue pilots powerful new tools to save lives.


T-Mobile IoT

Alvaro Carmona, Chen Ma, Vivian Wang, Yida Zhao, Wenyuan Zhang

Self-service IoT certification toolkit to save developers’ time and to speed up the production process.


2019 Launch Projects

T-Mobile AR-row

Allyson Kline, Cody Wu, Jay Luo, Zewen Pan

A cross-floor AR navigation and way-finding application to demonstrate the capabilities of the 5G network.


T-Mobile 5G Retail Experience

Angela Sun, David Dai, Difei Lu, Jerry Shen, Michael Lai

A proof-of-concept for an AR mobile experience that teaches retail customers about 5G’s capabilities and offerings in an engaging, two-part game.



2018 Project

T-Mobile Project FlaminGO

Zoe Zou, Mike Ma, Vivian Huang, Amit Anand

An augmented reality (AR) mobile game that explores and showcases the high-speed, low-latency, and wide bandwidth of the 5G network.