Lee Rudolpf


Assistant Vice President- Subscriber Product Engineering, AT&T Services, Inc.

As Assistant Vice President- Subscriber Product Engineering/ Wireless Network Architecture and Design Lee Rudolph is responsible for all technical requirements and certification of any devices certified to operate on AT&T’s network.

Working with product marketing, wireless device manufacturers, OS providers, and application developers, Rudolph brings all products to market according to AT&T’s portfolio plans and quality guidelines.

Rudolph has served in numerous roles within the AT&T network since 2001. His first company position was Vice President of Engineering at Cingular Wireless, leading all engineering and operations for what was the nation’s largest wireless data network at the time. His role later grew to include leading the National RAN Engineering team responsible for Cingular Wireless policies, standards, and tools and providing tactical support to markets for optimization and quality improvements.

Since then, his responsibilities have grown to include leading the Regional Engineering organization responsible for RF Planning, Network Engineering, Common Systems, Program Management, Equipment Engineering, Regional Operations Support and Network Finance.

Rudolph is now in his 16th year with AT&T, and cites among his accomplishments as Area Vice President launching the first 4G devices for AT&T, and leading the transition to 4G L TE devices as well as the initial introduction and certification of numerous Apple products for AT&T.