The Building

GIX is located in Bellevue’s Spring District, a new urban development east of Seattle built around planned light rail. Just 10 miles from the UW campus, the location offers proximity to multiple technology corridors. The state-of-the-art GIX facility will feature computing and design labs, a prototyping facility, and spaces for collaboration and presentations.

The Seattle Region

Crossroads of Global Innovation

Seattle and surrounding communities – also known as the Puget Sound region – are in close proximity to major international markets on the Pacific Rim. It is home to a highly educated workforce and the University of Washington, ranked by Reuters as the most innovative public university in the world. Multiple industries – including aeronautics, biotechnology, clean energy, medicine, software and hardware, gaming, manufacturing, and retail – are deeply engaged here. This diversity drives the economy and uniquely positions the region for global partnership. GIX further strengthens the region’s position as a leading hub for leading edge technologies and a key connection point between the U.S., Canada, and Asia’s dynamic economies.

Tsinghua University, Beijing

Advancing a tradition of academic excellence, Tsinghua University is a pacesetter for innovation in China. A leading world university, Tsinghua excels in its fundamental task of high-level training and research, and serves as an indispensable base for China’s scientific and technological innovation. Situated in northwestern Beijing, it is among the most selective universities in the Asia-Pacific region, and a trusted global partner for researchers and academics.

Among its alumni are many leaders in various fields. They have made outstanding contributions to China’s technology development, economic growth and social progress. They also offer new perspectives and insights on the world’s biggest challenges.