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November 08, 2018

How My Passion for the Environment Led Me…


This week, we’re featuring a guest blog by Peiling Li, a MSTI student who recently joined GIX as one of the 44 Cohort 2 students. Below, Li writes a firsthand account of her academic background, passions, and more recent experiences as a GIX graduate student. She also shares her accomplishments at CoMotion’s Imagine Mobility Ideathon, ( … )

November 06, 2018

GIX Students Win First Prize in the Singapore…


On October 27, a team of GIX Cohort 1 students, including Zoe Zou, Xu Yan, and Chengxi Xia, claimed first prize in the 2018 Singapore Airlines AppChallenge. They won a $5,000 SGD cash reward and a roundtrip flight from the United States to their destination of choice. For the fourth year in a row, the ( … )

October 30, 2018

Chairman of Tsinghua University Council, Madame Chen, visits…


On Saturday Oct 20th, Madame Chen, Chairman of the Tsinghua University Council, visited GIX’s Steve Ballmer Building for the first time since it was completed and officially launched in September 2017. What’s now the three-story, state-of-the-art Ballmer Building – home to one of the largest and most comprehensively equipped makerspaces in the region and populated by ( … )

October 29, 2018

Jim Medalia’s Top Tips for Interviewing and Landing…


Why study at GIX? Whether it’s developing high-impact projects in collaboration with GIX industry and nonprofit partners or hearing exclusive talks from successful CEOs of companies and nonprofits like Accolade and PATH, the value of the GIX graduate student experience goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. In our Beyond the Classroom series, we’re ( … )

October 17, 2018

Steve Ballmer Shares His Views on Leadership and…


At last year’s September launch of the Global Innovation Exchange, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that the new GIX facility would be named the “Steve Ballmer Building” to honor Ballmer’s leadership in driving Microsoft to be a global company during his tenure as CEO. Nadella noted that Ballmer has always been an advocate for business ( … )

October 12, 2018

GIX Staff Member, Marleny Monterrozo, Inaugural Recipient of…


GIX staff member Marleny Monterrozo was announced as one of the two inaugural recipients of the WE Communications academic award. Marleny is a communications and administrative assistant at GIX. Established in honor of Pam Edstrom, a public relations industry pioneer and one of the founders of WE Communications, the academic award is part of a ( … )

September 28, 2018

GIX Welcomes Second Student Cohort


The start of our second school year is an exciting time at GIX. Last week, GIX welcomed 44 new students from diverse backgrounds and around the world into our MSTI and Dual Degree programs. While our current student cohort gears up for a busy last quarter, where most of their time will be spent on ( … )

TechnologySeptember 19, 2018

Can AI be Used for Social Good? Q&A…


Why study at GIX? Whether it’s by developing high-impact projects in collaboration with GIX industry and nonprofit partners or hearing exclusive talks from successful CEOs of companies and nonprofits like Accolade and PATH, the value of the GIX graduate student experience goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. In our Beyond the Classroom blog ( … )

August 31, 2018

2018 GIX Innovation Competition Winners Announced


The winners of 2018 GIX Innovation Competition were announced shortly after the finals event took place in Beijing last Sunday, August 26th. Running for its third year in a row, the GIX Innovation Competition strives to spur innovative solutions to local and global challenges. Competing teams, comprised of students, inventors, and entrepreneurs, are required to ( … )

August 28, 2018

Blake Hannaford joins GIX as the Technical Director


We’re pleased to welcome Blake Hannaford as the new Technical Director for GIX. In this new role, Hannaford will be teaching and co-leading development of the MSTI curriculum, focusing on continuous improvement and the addition of new tracks over time. He is also leading the GIX Launch Studio course. “I’m so excited to help build ( … )

August 25, 2018

GIX Student-led Teams Compete in GIX Innovation Competition…


Five student-led teams from the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) are gearing up to present their high-impact ideas, projects, and prototypes to a panel of world-renowned judges in the final round of this year’s GIX Innovation Competition taking place in Beijing on Sunday, August 26th. One hundred teams competed world-wide for one of the 20 finalist ( … )

May 29, 2018

Jill Pfaendtner joins GIX as Director of Operations


We are pleased to announce that Jill Aronson Pfaendtner has joined GIX as Director of Operations. Jill has 15 years of experience working in higher education, most recently as the founding administrator of the University of Washington Collaboration Core, a shared services center supporting a number of interdisciplinary research institutes and facilities in engineering, science, ( … )

September 14, 2017

全球创新学院(GIX)宣布新学术成员和新行业成员的加入 坐落于贝尔维尤温泉区全新落成的科研教学大楼喜迎首两届研究生的到来 新大楼以“史蒂夫·鲍尔默”命名


西雅图, 华盛顿州, 2017 年 9 月 14 日 —— 由全球一流研究型大学和企业合作的全球创新学院 (GIX),非常高兴地宣布八个学术联盟成员及五个行业联盟成员的正式加入。GIX 由华盛顿大学和清 华大学携手创立,微软提供启动支持。同时,微软公司首席执行官萨提亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella) 宣布,新落成的 GIX 科研教学大楼将被命名为“史蒂夫·鲍尔默楼(Steve Ballmer Building)”,以 表达对微软前任首席执行官史蒂夫·鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)的尊敬和感激。 GIX 代表了一种全新的学习和实践模式,注重发展创新领袖,致力于共同解决全球挑战。新加入 GIX 的八个学术联盟成员是:洛桑联邦理工学院、香港科技大学、印度科学理工学院、韩国科学技术 院、台湾大学、以色列理工学院、蒙特雷科技大学、以及不列颠哥伦比亚大学。新加入 GIX 的行业联 盟成员包括:ARM、百度、波音 HorizonX 以及 T-Mobile。此外,海南航空已加入 GIX 成为了价值 合作伙伴,为 GIX 的学生提供旅行、奖学金及项目支持。同时,我们还要感谢来自英诺天使基金、泰 有基金、海纳医信、亿阳信通、宜科电子、浙江中坤、民生药业、福建新东湖、启迪之星、和清华科 技园的大力支持。 学术联盟成员将把 GIX 推广给他们的学生,把授课教师与相关领域的研究专长结合起来,并向 GIX 学员提供与行业合作伙伴相关的项目。学术联盟成员将从与华盛顿大学的科研和西雅图创新生态 系统的一系列联系中受益。行业联盟成员将与 GIX 的授课教师、创造发明者以及学员建立联系,并在 课程发布阶段为学生提供实践项目。行业联盟成员的共同目标是建立联系,并促进长期关系的发展, 从而实现技术交流、共同发明和协作创新。 华盛顿大学校长安娜·玛丽·科斯表示:“随着新成员的加入,GIX 走在了国际创新及大学与行业联 合创新的前沿。来自世界一流的教师、业内专家及行业领袖将为学生们授课,他们将激发学生发现及 解决紧迫性全球挑战的热情”。 关于 GIX ( … )

September 14, 2017

Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) Announces Inaugural Academic, Industry…


SEATTLE, Wash., Sept.14, 2017 – The Global Innovation Exchange (GIX), a collaboration between major research universities and companies from around the world, is pleased to announce that it has been joined by eight Academic Network members and five Industry Consortium members. The two founding partners are the University of Washington and Tsinghua University, with foundational ( … )