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Mike Grigg

Date: April 17, 2023

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Current/Most Recent Company/Position: Executive Director for North American Market Development, COACH A Ltd, Co.

Background/interest areas/expertise:  I am an executive coach by trade, which means my team and I coach CEO’s and their strategic teams to make substantial business impact in people, profit, and products.

Professionally I work with global organizations, with people from 90+ countries, I speak semi-fluent Mandarin (我会讲中文) and most often work with technically oriented talented people that create future products and services in software, hardware, product design, product/project management, and sales/marketing for start-ups.

I have 2 main roles in my job:
1) designing and coordinating coaching projects to transform the way organizations perceive the world, and positively impact in and beyond their roles.
2) designing pitch-decks and proposing to decision makers, have helped startups secure $5+ billion in the last 7 years for IoT, sensors, Industry 4.0, smart devices, automobile safety, robotics, future of transportation.

Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with my family; hiking/camping in the Pacific Northwest, traveling, helping my wife tend to her organic farm to table passion, and hanging out with cool people.