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The Poster Session provides the opportunity to view posters created by each team to explain their projects, interact with the team members, ask questions, and engage in dialogue.

Please note the “Meet the Team” feature will not be available until the start of the event. Check your email for the Zoom password.

Click on the poster image to view a larger version you may view side by side with your Zoom chat. Feel free to jump around to ensure a balance of attendees in each session!


Yingru Feng, Cody Gagnon, Jerry Liang, Yujie Zhu, Yuzhou Zhuang

Reduce aircraft emissions through the power of AI. Decrease air pollutants by 27,000 lb and cut fuel costs by $630,000 per year. Capture and gain insights from previously inaccessible data streams.


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Huichen Li, Yun Liu, Lu Wang

Cocobot is a virtual therapy chatbot that helps family caregivers of people with chronic conditions access self-care tools more conveniently and flexibly.


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Frank Zhou, Ketki Hardas, Jialin Zhao, Lu Wei, Tommy Ho

A portable low-cost fundus camera + AI-based software + supporting web app to facilitate data collection.


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Paulo Goncalves, CJ Ngeh, Jiali Zhang, Gulnara Sarymbekova, He Feng

An affordable and innovative helmet to help wildland firefighters prevent heat-related illnesses on the fireline.


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Dominick Mendoza, Lyuting Wu, Robin Yang, Zhan Shi

Using noise cancelling earbuds to detect fluid in the middle ear, we can help guardians identify the need for further screening.


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Memory Lane

Amal M. Abualrahi, Joey Wang, Yi Zheng

A system that assists caregivers and older adults with dementia through reminiscence.


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Amy Chen, Kelsey Guo, Ken Christofferson, Shi Ni, Steven Guh

A mobile phone application that accurately reads rapid diagnostic test (RDT) results. During this phase of the project, the team created a data collection application that captures users’ workflows and a machine learning solution that reads RDTs.


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Arpan Agarwal, Jay Chakalasiya, Chuck Scott

A respiratory monitoring platform to improve Asthma treatment.


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T-Mobile Drone

Issac Boger, Justin Ho, Ke Wang, Chun-an Ku, Wenbo Zhong

5G connected drones give search and rescue pilots powerful new tools to save lives.


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T-Mobile IoT

Alvaro Carmona, Chen Ma, Vivian Wang, Yida Zhao, Wenyuan Zhang

Self-service IoT certification toolkit to save developers’ time and to speed up the production process.


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