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Tangible Outcomes + Relevant Themes

Learn through intensive and immersive problem-based educational experiences

  • Access the expertise of world-class universities and leading industry experts
  • Join a robust network of professionals, mentors, alumni and peers
  • Enjoy state-of-the-art facilities with electronics, prototyping labs and makerspaces
  • Leverage the GIX approach to learning about emerging
    technologies that combines design thinking with entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

Flexible Programs

We offer a variety of programs and flexible timing to meet your needs. If existing course offerings or dates don’t work for you, please email us to learn about scheduling another opportunity.

Mixed Enrollment Courses (1-14+ Days)

  • Individual employees can network with peers across industries while they earn micro-credentials to enhance their skills and careers. Courses range from one-day intensives to two-week deep dives.

Custom Programs

  • Problem-Based Workshop Series (4+ Days)
    • Workshops combine design thinking with emerging technologies and help you apply learnings in real time. Your team will work on the problem during and between sessions with the help of an experienced instructor and experts in the field who consult and provide feedback throughout the process. Programs consist of two or more two-day workshops spaced roughly a month apart.
  • Custom Courses (1+ Weeks)
    • A faculty expert will partner with experts in your organization to develop and deliver a custom curriculum to help solve unique challenges and provide specific skills sets to advance your company’s goals. Learning experiences involve practical application with feedback and consultation from experts. Courses range from one to two weeks, either in an intensive format or a series
      of shorter courses.
  • Team Retreats (1-3 Days)
    • Customized to your needs, we work with you to craft the content of a team retreat or offsite to help move your team forward. Retreats combine design thinking with case-based applications and range from half-day to three days.

Data Science for Decision Makers

Specifically organized for time-crunched executives, this course summarizes the core concepts and methods of data science and then explores the strategy of digital transformation through specific examples, case studies, and group discussions.

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Data Science for Managers

A deep dive into the methods, applications, problems, and programming code of building solutions, crafted specifically for for technical managers.

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Data Science for Chemical Engineers

Applied data science training customized for chemical and process engineers.

Delivering Innovation in a Distributed Team

This half-day workshop will help you gain critical, actionable tools that will improve your distributed team’s ability to perform, innovate, and collaborate remotely.


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