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Dual Degree Overview

Deepening your knowledge in the development of technology solutions, the Dual Degree integrates the MSTI curriculum with the Masters of Science in Engineering (Data Science and Information Technology) (MSE(DSIT)) from Tsinghua University in China.

After completing an initial orientation at Tsinghua University in Beijing, students spend the first 15 months of their dual degree program engaging in the MSTI coursework and initiating their research-driven thesis at the Steve Ballmer Building in Bellevue. Built around a project-based curriculum focused on technology, design thinking, and entrepreneurship, the dual degree teaches you how to transform an innovative idea all the way from a working prototype to a market-ready product.

The final six months of your dual degree is completed at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Building upon the coursework outcomes in the first part of the dual degree, students continue to develop their research-driven thesis, while also engaging in a series of elective courses and team-based projects. Offering a first-hand perspective into one of the fastest growing global tech markets, the dual degree provides unique opportunities to learn about business, design thinking, and entrepreneurship from a different cultural landscape.

What You'll Learn

Design thinking
Design intuitive and elegant technology that solves a clear design problem and fits the needs of its intended user.

Technology development
Learn the fundamentals for developing end-to-end hardware and software prototypes. Cover topics like managing data and signal processing.

Understand the basics of starting a start up, including team building, marketing, and intellectual property law. Develop the skills and knowledge to successfully bring innovations to the market.

I chose to study the GIX Dual Degree for multiple reasons. I really wanted to explore the opportunities that the University of Washington had to offer, especially in the technical fields like machine learning. I'm also excited to study at Tsinghua University in China. I want to learn more about the influence China will have in the coming years in technology development.

Padraic Casserly, current GIX Dual Degree student

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