Are you a designated purchasing lead with a budget and permission to start purchasing from your instructor? The information below will help you get started. For general GIX purchasing guidelines, please refer to the General Purchasing Info page.


For full information: 

*Download a copy of the Course Purchasing Quick Guide

*Download a copy of the Launch Project Purchasing Guide


1) Make the appropriate purchasing request based off the guidelines below.

2) Once your request is approved, your order will be placed.

3) Makerspace staff will receive all packages, notify your team that your supplies have arrived, update the Orders Spreadsheets, and place supplies in a locker.

Check status (UW NetID required)


Log into Amazon with UW email account to place orders

You must include your team name and course on the PO.  Example: Team_Students/Course_Techin514/Gail

At the very last stage of the checkout process, remove the tax exemption before completing your purchase. This exemption is not permitted for the vast majority of our purchases.

Fill out a Non-Amazon Purchase Request

If your request is approved, GIX staff will complete non-Amazon purchases for you.

Purchases without a team name and course number will not be approved.

Request approval to purchase physical gift cards by submitting an Incentive Request.

Return the Incentive Reimbursement Form with relevant receipts and documentation for reimbursement.

Fill out a Travel Request

If your request is approved, GIX fiscal staff will provide guidelines for arranging travel.

For more information review the Travel Expenses Page

After your trip, return the Travel Reimbursement Form to gixpay@uw.edu with relevant receipts and documentation.

On occasion where you must make course purchases yourself, all reimbursements must be pre-approved in writing and specifically say “approved for reimbursement”. Email jraiti@uw.edu to request pre-approval.

Submit original receipts and signed/dated packing slips to Gail Greenwood in GIX 115.

Certain expenses are not allowable due to UW/GIX policy and restrictions on our funding source.

Some of these expenses include:

  • Gifts

  • Meals or coffee paid for others when not in travel status

  • Ground transportation when not in travel status

  • Alcohol

  • Costs related to entertaining

Track your team’s budget and expenditures throughout the quarter.

The GIX Fiscal/Makerspace team will provide your team access to the Orders Spreadsheet with order information and you can adjust order totals if needed once the final invoice is received.

Download and track your budget using the: Course Budget Template

View a Sample Budget Workbook

All course supplies purchased with GIX funds belong to the UW.

Please plan to return any leftover consumables and items to your TA at the end of the quarter for inventory.

If your project continues into future quarters, discuss your supply needs with your TA.