The key goal of the GIX branding guidelines is to ensure all staff and associated parties use the GIX brand elements appropriately and consistently. Following the guidelines below is an important part of building brand awareness, minimizing confusion about GIX and its programs, and increasing the impact GIX has on its audiences.

Before finalizing any marketing materials that could or will be broadly publicly visible, please request reviewal/approval from the GIX Marketing team. If you have any questions or clarifications about any information, tools, or rules below, please contact Donna in the GIX Marketing team at

There are 3 variations of the GIX Logo: Horizontal, Stacked and Standalone, which features only the X.

  • Do not re-create or type the “Global Innovation Exchange” wordmark. It should be kept as a graphic element, and never treated as text 

  • Do not alter, modify, stretch, or manipulate the logo. When you change the size of the GIX logo, ensure it stays in its exact proportional values 

  • Do not change the colors of the GIX logos 

  • Do not rearrange or resize the graphical elements in the logo in any way 

  • Do not put obstructing images, text, colors or other logos on top of the GIX logo 

  • Do not surround the logo with other characters, images, colors or other logos 

  • Do not place the logo over busy backgrounds 

  • Avoid placing the logo over backgrounds that don’t provide sufficient contrast 

  • Do not add affects to the logo like shadows and dimensions

The standard GIX font is Open Sans; Regular, Bold, and Italic.

Please follow the basic size guidelines:

For body text:

Size 12, Open Sans, color: black

For headings:

Size 14, Open Sans, color: black

For small/other text: 
Size 10, Open Sans, color: black

Download the font zip file here:  Open Sans Font Family

If you own a Mac computer, please then open Font Book and select “File > Add Fonts.” From there, please find the zip file in your downloads and select “Open.” A screen will pop up asking you to validate the fonts you’d like to add. Please tick the box “select all fonts” and select “Install Checked.” Once you have completed these steps, the fonts should automatically appear in your desktop applications. If not, please restart the applications.

The following templates are available for both staff and student use:

Poster Template – Coming soon!

Power Point Template – Coming soon!