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The GIX Consortium: A Membership Program

Consortium members enjoy a special connection with GIX that fosters long-term relationships, leading to technical exchange, co-invention, collaboration and interaction with faculty and students. Members and students will agree at the outset of the project on the ownership of any intellectual property (IP) that may be created during the project. We have three options, with the highest level offering the most opportunity and richest set of benefits and experiences. Members receive a number of benefits including, but not limited to:

Associate Membership

  • Access to students:
    • Receive curriculum vitae (CV) of GIX students
    • Promote your job and internship postings directly with our students
    • Access to host information and recruitment/interview sessions with GIX students, organized by GIX staff
  • Access to ideas and projects: invitations to GIX demo days and events
  • Progress reports: receive up-to-date information via electronic newsletters
  • Recognition: Company logo on website, materials and highlighted at events

Partner Membership

All Associate Membership benefits plus…

  • Project: Define a project with a focused deliverable tuned to the company’s needs. Project teams will consist of faculty and three students. Partners have an opportunity to place an industry representative as part of the project team.
  • Access to faculty and students:
    • Exclusive invitations to GIX VIP events
    • Opportunities to network with GIX faculty and advisors
  • Input to program: opportunities to contribute input concerning the future direction of the associated curriculum track
  • Intellectual Property: opportunity to provide one focused project with non-exclusive, royalty-free rights to the deliverable created from the project team

Exclusive Partner Membership

All Partner Membership benefits with modified intellectual property package…

  • Intellectual property: opportunity to define one project with exclusive licensing rights to the deliverables from the project.
Additional opportunities for strategic partnership:

Internships: GIX students may have availability for part-time internship opportunities during breaks between academic quarters.

Mentors: GIX is seeking mentors to advise students. These advisors are business specialists and technology experts with experience in global markets.

Executive education: GIX offers curated and customized learning opportunities for industry executives.


For more information, contact:
Kerry GodesChief Advancement Officer, Global Innovation Exchange and CoMotion

+1 (206) 616-5481 (office)