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Tenant Companies

The Steve Ballmer Building is home to seven tenant companies and has room to include more. This close proximity between education and industry provides unique opportunities for collaboration, hiring, and knowledge sharing.

5G Open Innovation Lab

The 5G Open Innovation Lab operates at the intersection of innovative startups, technology platforms, and industry leaders building what’s next. The Lab is a new model of innovation backed by trusted relationships with Intel, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Accenture, Avanade, Amdocs, Dell, VMware, F5 Networks, Spirent, Ericsson, Nokia, Palo Alto Networks, CNH and other leading companies who actively engage with startups on a wide range of product development and go-to-market initiatives. Partnerships with leading public sector entities and influential investors round out the 5G OI Lab ecosystem to support founders at all stages.

As software industry veterans, our founders recognized a better way to innovate through collaboration. We didn’t see it in the marketplace, so we created it. Our program focuses on removing barriers and enabling collaboration across startups, global tech platforms and industries. We are looking forward to the opportunities and growth ahead with the Global Innovation Exchange.

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Hyperproof is the first-ever continuous compliance SaaS designed to give compliance professionals the ability to easily collect evidence (to verify the efficacy of internal controls) and collaborate with stakeholders to keep compliance controls up-to-date 365 days a year. Hyperproof not only reduces administrative work from compliance processes, it also helps organizations mitigate their risks on an ongoing basis — which is especially important in a time when the regulatory environment is uncertain and cybersecurity risk is on the rise.  Hyperproof is used by organizations large and small, including DigiCert, ATS Technology, Prime 8, Qorus and more.

Hyperproof decided to move into the GIX/Steve Ballmer building not only because GIX provides a great physical environment for our employees conveniently located near downtown Bellevue, but also because it allows Hyperproof to tap into a great talent pool of GIX students and alumni. We’ve enjoyed our time in GIX. We appreciate the GIX-sponsored happy hours and the spontaneous opportunities to meet interesting people in the building (students, GIX faculty, staff and members of other startups).

Educative was founded by two brothers who were working at Microsoft and Facebook. As software engineers, they noticed that although they were expected to constantly learn new programming languages and technologies, the learning resources they had access to were one-size-fits-all, video-based platforms. They wanted something better served to the specific needs of developers.

Educative was made from the ground up to help software developers upskill as quickly and effectively as possible. Courses are text-based, which means you can skim back and forth or take notes like a book. At the same time, courses contain live coding environments built right in so developers can practice as they learn. It’s the best of textbooks combined with the best of online learning.

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Ally Robotics

Ally Robotics was founded with the simple goal – solve real human workflow problems through simple tech. Our Mission: Empower every person and robot to achieve more together.

We’re not concerned with cool or complicated tech that fades into the distance. We are obsessed with smart, reliable, and extensible tech that is functional and sustainable.

But, at the end of the day, it’s not about the technology – it’s about the people. We’re deeply passionate about up leveling the type of work people do and enhancing the holistic human experience.

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Irreverent Labs

Focused on creating an unprecedented gaming ecosystem, Irreverent Labs is leveraging everything from advanced artificial intelligence, biological simulations and population breeding algorithms in pursuit of the ultimate digital fighting game experience: MechaFightClub.

Irreverent Labs is creating a new kind of immersive gaming experience, a ridiculous robot cockfighting arena with a deep science-fiction world and play-to-earn economy. Though Irreverent Labs remotely employs contributors from around the world, their primary center of operations is at GIX. To learn more about how we’re building hundred-year games, visit our first release at

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