Graduate students at GIX tackle six-month, industry-sponsored challenges, culminating in an immersive, interdisciplinary experience in technology innovation.

T-Mobile + GIX: Partners in Innovation

Get an inside look at the capstone project experience and see how T-Mobile and MS in Technology Innovation students work side-by-side on innovative projects.

Built by Students, Supported by Industry

GIX capstone projects enable MS in Technology Innovation students to solve real world engineering and business challenges proposed by GIX partners as preparation for their careers.

Sponsorship Opportunities

GIX capstone projects provide corporate and non-profit sponsors with dedicated teams of graduate students for six months, addressing challenges using emerging technologies that have commercial potential and high social impact.

Capstone Project Overview

To learn more about capstone projects at GIX, download a one-page summary of the process.

Submit a Project Proposal

Learn more about capstone projects at GIX and how to submit a proposal.