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Admissions Requirements

Please contact the UW Graduate School at to confirm they have received your admission materials.

You do not need a degree in computer science to apply, but you do need to meet the admission requirements and submit appropriate evidence of programming knowledge. Please see the Application Requirements.

No, these need to be completed before submitting your application. We will not review applications that do not show evidence of meeting prerequisites.

Please contact the MSTI Admissions Committee at to help you identify specific options for completing equivalent prerequisite courses.

We can only accept evidence of a completed university course or certificate-issuing programming course.

Given the highly selective, cohort-based nature of the MS in Technology Innovation program, we do not offer deferrals of admission. We would encourage admitted applicants to re-apply for re-admission in a subsequent year.

Program Details

A new cohort starts once every year in the autumn quarter and continues for 18 months. View the full UW academic calendar for upcoming dates by year.

The MSTI is an intensive, full-time program. Expect a commitment of 40 to 50 hours per week. A part-time option is not available.

Classes are offered during the day at the GIX Steve Ballmer Building in the Spring District of Bellevue, Washington. We require students to attend the classes in person and do not provide instruction online.

The MS in Technology Innovation is an interdisciplinary, hands-on, and technical program that gives learners the opportunity to understand technology, business, and design in a global context. We attract students with diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Designed specifically for the MSTI curriculum, GIX’s Steve Ballmer Building offers many distinctive learning spaces that foster collaboration and project- and team-based learning. In comparison with other UW programs, the MSTI program is the only program with integrates engineering, business, and design coursework as requirements, with hands-on lab work being a crucial part of the curriculum.

For the majority of projects completed during the MSTI, students will own the intellectual property related to those projects. Some industry-sponsored launch projects could have alternate agreements which will be discussed with students when they undertake such a project. If/when questions about IP arise, we work with the UW CoMotion Team to address those questions and provide guidance.

GIX partners with a range of top local and global companies and nonprofits. For the final phase of the MSTI program, GIX students form interdisciplinary teams to develop high-impact projects that address real-world challenges. Completed in collaboration with GIX’s industry partners, which includes companies like Microsoft, T-Mobile, Meta, and many other, projects are designed to challenge students to create innovative solutions using emerging technologies.

The program also provides access to a large and dynamic network of mentors. The mentorship program is voluntary and brings together successful professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to help guide students with their career and professional development goals.

During the program, there are other opportunities to learn from highly successful leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs from around the world who join us regularly as speaker, panelists, and special guests.

Career Outcomes for MSTI Graduates

Yes, it is considered a STEM program and MSTI students are eligible for OPT plus the 24 month extension. For specific questions about OPT, please visit the UW International Student Services office website.

The interdisciplinary, project-based nature of GIX graduate programs opens the door to a variety of potential career paths. Students graduate with the technical, design thinking, and entrepreneurial skills to work in traditional software/hardware/design technology jobs, launch their own startup, join a new venture team at a leading company or nonprofit, or advance their academic pursuits.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions or if you’d just like to learn more about the MS in Technology Innovation degree or any other program at the University of Washington’s Global Innovation Exchange, feel free to contact us directly:

Kyle Brown
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University of Washington

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