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Our mentor network, sponsored by Amazon, pairs graduate students and talented professionals from the Seattle area and beyond, strengthening the impact of the next generation of technology innovators through unparalleled professional mentorship.


Dedicated Networking

Network with 90+ mentors and the dynamic community of students at 3-4 signature in-person events hosted by the University of Washington’s Global Innovation Exchange each year.


Impactful Connection

Mentors and mentees grow meaningful connections that benefit them throughout their careers. Over time, stories, advice and referrals are shared which enhance mentee technology career paths.


Supported Program

A full-time mentor network program manager coordinates ongoing mentor-mentee matching while promoting mentorship best practices, ensuring superior experiences and outcomes for all participants.

Key Details

Engaged Mentors and Students

With more than 90 mentors engaging with over 130+ mentees, we provide highly manageable mentor-to-mentee ratios that offer meaningful opportunities for short- and long-term authentic relationship-building.

Diverse Professional Experiences

Our mentors are diverse and experienced with a wide range of expertise in technology innovation, including software engineering, product/program/technical project management, investing, entrepreneurship, UX/UI/product design, intellectual property law, AR/VR/MR, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Alumni and Industry Insights

Nearly half of our Mentors are alumni of the MS in Technology Innovation program, providing mentees with relatable perspectives from a shared educational experiences coupled with industry insights gained from successful careers.

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Industry Experts + Talented Students

Our Mentor Network pairs students in the MS in Technology Innovation program with seasoned professionals from the Seattle area and beyond. The network gives students direct access to over 90+ industry mentors and advisors, available through the duration of their time in the academic program. Students can engage in small group meetups, attend workshops, and network at dedicated events.

Examples of organizations and companies represented within the Mentor Network include Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, T-Mobile, AWS, Google, SAP, Meta, Salesforce, Allen Institute for AI, Snap, Mastercard, Expedia, Groundlight AI, AUBO Robotics, Electronic Arts, 3M Health Information Systems, Wyze Labs, NVIDIA, Tableau, Alaska Airlines, Accenture and Instacart.

Sponsored by Amazon

The Mentor Program at the University of Washington’s Global Innovation Exchange is sponsored by Amazon, which is committed to partnering with educational institutions. This collaboration enhances the professional development and mentorship community for technology innovation students and industry mentors.

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