LiteOn Leadership Program

Helping cement LiteOn's continued semiconductor leadership

This seven-week experience increased LiteOn’s capacity for internal innovation and help cement their position as a power supply, semiconductor, and electronics developer and manufacturer.

LiteOn 2

The University of Washington + LiteOn

LiteOn partnered with the University of Washington's Global Innovation Exchange, Foster School of Business, and College of Engineering to provide its early-career management associates a custom learning experience in Seattle. The program was designed to enhance understanding of the US and global technology sectors, strengthen leadership and decision-making capabilities, and engage associates in experiential, project-based learning.

Key Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn current management and leadership practices to elevate business acumen.
  2. Gain an increased understanding of the US/global technology sector.
  3. Understand emerging technologies and their implications for LiteOn’s future growth.
  4. Hone leadership and decision-making skills for long-term organizational success.
  5. Apply program learning through hands-on, team- and project-based experiences.