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GIX is located in Bellevue’s Spring District, just minutes from downtown Bellevue.

All rooms are equipped with an audio visual system. Complimentary parking may be available in our parking garage via a QR code.

Standard rental rates apply to Monday-Friday rentals between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. There is an additional charge for hours outside of standard times and on Saturdays and Sundays.

Email Taryn Echert, assistant director of engagement, for more information or to schedule a visit.

Additional Information

  • There is a 2-hour minimum for all room rentals.
  • Renters must notify GIX if food or beverages will be served at the event. For events with alcohol, you or your caterer must obtain a Washington State Banquet Permit.

Suggested Rooms by Event Type:

Conferences of up to 200 people work great in the Steve Ballmer Building. Arranged in theater-style seating, the Commons serves as the location for your plenary sessions. The Commons is equipped with a lectern, projectors, two screens, and option for handheld or lapel microphones. If you are doing a panel, we can provide stools for your speakers to sit in up front.

During warm weather months, we can open the two garage doors in the Commons and guests can enjoy time outside in our courtyard, which serves as a nice locale for a post-conference reception or happy hour. We can provide up to 10 cocktail tables for such an occasion.

Breakout sessions can take place in rooms 127, 146, 230, 231, or 240. If you’re interested in private rooms for speakers, VIPs, or conference staff/volunteers, we recommend rooms 145 or 143. Room 231 can accommodate up to 100 guests at round tables for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Room 145 is ideal for small board or staff meetings of up to 20 attendees. There is room to add tables in the back for coffee or catering service. Room 127 can comfortably accommodate up to 70 attendees behind rows of tables. For a smaller audience, the tables can be reconfigured in a ‘U’ or square shape so that all attendees are essentially facing one another. Room 231 can be setup with round tables and accommodate up to 105 guests around them. Room 146 also has round tables and can accommodate 56 people.

Depending upon your attendance count, there are several rooms that can accommodate a workshop-style event. Room 231, which can be setup with up to 15 round tables, can accommodate up to 105 people. Room 146, also with rounds, can fit 56 attendees. Rooms 230 and 240 are equipped with workbench-top desks and are ideal for hands-on workshops or trainings for up to 70.

We have several options for a lecture-style event. The GIX Commons can accommodate seating for 75-150 guests. Room 127 can provide lecture seating for 30-70 attendees. If you are interested in a less traditional, more interactive atmosphere, we recommend the unique setup in room 146 which has seating for 56.

We have a few spaces that work well for a reception. For larger events of 50-210 attendees, the GIX Commons is the ideal location. We can provide you with 10 cocktail tables, tables for catering and a bar, and additional seating and tables as needed. Room 231 is a great location for a reception if you would like a mix of both round tables (with seating) and standing cocktail tables. Room 231 is ideal for a reception of 50-125. For smaller receptions, we have a nice open lounge area equipped with soft seating next to the GIX Commons and situated in front of our video wall, that works well for groups of about 20-40. Additionally, we have options for outdoor spaces, including a courtyard and balcony space, for events during warmer months.

We recommend room 231, which is equipped with 15 60” round tables, for sit-down guest meals of up to 105. The GIX commons can accommodate from 35-65 guests around pods or rows of our rectangular tables. If you’d like to host your event in the commons, but would prefer round tables, you are welcome to bring in rentals. With rented rounds, the Commons can accommodate up to 160 guests.

If you’d like to show a presentation during your event, room 146 features eight monitors around the room, and can seat 56 guests at round tables.

Our kitchenette is conveniently located on the first floor near the Commons and next to room 146. You and your caterer are welcome to access this space for prep and storage. We can also provide additional tables for your catering setup.

The following additional fees may be applied:

  • $100 cleaning fee for trash or messes left in event spaces/rooms. To avoid this fee, please be sure to clean up after your event and dispose of garbage in the appropriately provided receptacles.
  • $250 janitorial fee for events with catering taking place on a Friday or Saturday.
  • Some items may be subject to added tax.

Would You Like to Host an Event at GIX?

Have questions about hosting an event or any specific details about what the Steve Ballmer Building can offer? For more detailed information, please visit our Space Rental Information page or contact us directly:

Taryn Echert
Assistant Director of Engagement
Global Innovation Exchange
University of Washington

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Taryn Echert