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The GIX Consortium

The GIX Consortium is a public/private partnership between UW and a consortium of leading technology companies.

It invites leading technology companies to enjoy a special relationship with GIX, a public-private partnership, by offering members unparalleled access to world-class students, faculty, innovation, ideas, events, and visibility.

Benefits of Consortium membership are customized based on the interests of each company or organization and often include:

  • Immersive Launch Studio Experiences: Members are invited to submit unlimited Launch Studio Project proposals for the 5-month student capstone. Project partners have ongoing access to top UW faculty engaged with each graduate-team. Learn about submitting a proposal or view past projects.
  • Unparalleled Access to Top Graduate Students: Members enjoy deep engagement with student teams on member-led initiatives or projects. They have ongoing and early access to participating student CVs and profiles and have the option of customized recruitment activities tailored to their needs.
  • Prototyping Labs and Facilities: Membership includes access to the GIX Prototyping Labs, enable rapid iteration of hardware and software with the added support from Labs staff.
  • Innovator-in-Residence Opportunities: Up to three executives are invited to become GIX Innovators-in-Residence, with drop-in workspaces and building access. Influence future innovators through talks, workshops, and teaching in graduate-level courses (as appropriate).
  • Prominent Recognition and Visibility: Members are prominently highlighted on online and on-site, including on tangible assets and the iconic GIX video wall in our Bellevue building.
As senior engineers, we have inherent biases. By having a fresh pair of eyes and a new generation of students coming out into the working force, they can actually influence things in ways that we never imagined.

Patrick Flickinger, Microsoft AI for Good

Learn More and Contact

Thank you for your interest in joining the GIX Consortium. Download a one page overview or contact us to discuss more:

Katelin Cannon
Director of Partnerships & Engagement Programs
Email Gaia