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MSTI Launch Studio Project Proposal

The Launch Studio offers corporate sponsors unique access to an international and interdisciplinary team of graduate students enrolled in the University of Washington’s project-based Master of Science in Technology Innovation program. Launch Project Teams spend up to six months developing novel solutions for companies using advanced technologies with strong commercial potential and high social impact.

Following a selection and scoping process with faculty and leadership from GIX, sponsors engage and support their Launch Project Teams weekly. Throughout the process, the three- to five-member Launch Project Teams are mentored by leading university faculty and experts from Seattle’s world-renowned innovation ecosystem.

Ideal problem areas focus on novel applications for emerging technology, incorporating hardware/software development, design and user experience, and market or business opportunity exploration. Preference is given to problem areas that address an unmet social need.

Sponsors can expect Launch Project Teams to complete an iterative design cycle, including user research, two rounds of evaluative testing, and one round of functional testing. Teams will also deliver a proof-of-concept working prototype and a functional end-to-end software application. Finally, Teams provide sponsors with a comprehensive business analysis, including stakeholder and market assessments, a go-to-market strategy, and a six-month continuation plan.

Examples of several past projects can be found at the bottom of this page and all past Launch Projects are viewable here.

Download the PDF Overview


  • Winter 2024: Launch Studio applications open
  • Spring 2024: Launch Project proposals under review
  • Spring/Summer 2024: Launch Projects scoped and announced
  • Summer 2024: Sponsors present projects to Launch teams
  • Fall 2024: Launch Studio begins (6 months)
  • Spring 2025: Final Launch Studio presentation


USD25,000 per Launch Studio project.
Unlimited Launch Studio proposals are included as a benefit to GIX Consortium members.


Gaia Borgias
Launch Project Partnership Manager

Email Gaia

Submit a Project Idea

Team FireWorks (Washington State DNR, Allen Institute for AI)

Forest fires are increasing in number and intensity, and wild- land firefighters working long hours in harsh environmental conditions can lead to a number of hazardous health conditions, or even death.

Integrate a suite of sensors into firefighting helmets that can monitor and report the vital signs of the firefighter working the fire line, alerting with supervisors with low energy wireless communication automatically when a firefighter’s life may be endangered.

Team Dragonfruit (T-Mobile)

With a nationwide launch of 5G network, T-Mobile has the potential to radically innovate how it’s customers interact with and experience cellular data. With this great potential, many customers are unaware of the incredible capabilities of 5G.

T-Mobile partnered with Team Dragonfruit at GIX to develop an AR experience that teaches T-Mobile’s retail customers about 5G’s capabilities and offerings. The engaging 2-part game showcases the low latency of 5G and teaches retail customers about the benefits of 5G and T-Mobile’s 5G-related product and offerings.