Dual Degree Option

Earn two master’s degrees from two leading universities in 30 months: an MS in Technology Innovation from the University of Washington (Seattle) and an MS in Engineering (Data Science & IT) from Tsinghua University (Beijing). Learn hands-on skills in technology, design thinking, and entrepreneurship while developing a research-driven thesis.

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Alumni Spotlight: Josh Clancy, Dual Degree Graduate (2020)

Dual Degree Overview

Begin Your Journey in Beijing

Students who choose the Dual Degree begin by studying the MSE (Data Science & IT) degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing for 10 months. They will complete elective coursework and projects with a focus on the China market. Students will also be matched with an advisor who will mentor them in completing an engineering focused thesis.

Deepen Your Experience in Seattle

Next, students will begin the MS in Technology Innovation in the University of Washington in Bellevue, Washington, outside Seattle for the next 18 months. While completing the MS in Technology Innovation coursework and projects, dual degree students will continue writing their thesis and completing their research culminating in a thesis defense in the final quarter of the MSTI program.

Dual Degree Requirements

Applicants must apply separately to both the University of Washington and Tsinghua University. The application materials and requirements are similar for both universities. This means that most of the work you complete for one application will also be applicable for the other. To learn more about how to apply for MSE (DS&IT) degree at Tsinghua University, please visit Tsinghua’s website.

Dual Degree Tuition and Cost Information


The costs below are for estimation purposes only and may be subject to change. Refer to Tsinghua University's website.

Dual Degree Tuition and Cost Information” – with following text: “Tuition rates for the Tsinghua portion of the dual-degree option are determined and collected solely by Tsinghua University. Estimated total costs for the Master’s in Engineering (Data Science & IT) at Tsinghua University in Beijing as part of the dual-degree option are approximately 82,500 – 99,000 RMB (Chinese Yuan or Renmibi); this is in addition to any tuition and fees paid to the University of Washington for the Master of Science in Technology Innovation degree delivered in Bellevue, Washington. Please visit Tsinghua University's website or contact Tsinghua University directly for the most up to date information about tuition rates, scholarships, and financial aid for the Tsinghua portion of the dual degree option.

"I wanted to explore the opportunities that the University of Washington had to offer, but also to study in China. It was exciting to learn about the influence China has in technology development."

Padraic Casserly UW MSTI 2018; THU MSE (DS&IT) 2019

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