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Application Deadlines

UW MS in Technology Innovation, fall 2024 start

The priority deadline for fall 2024 admissions applications has passed, but you are still invited to submit your application through April 5, 2024. Applications submitted between January 29 and April 5 will be reviewed after the April 5 deadline, and should receive admissions decisions in early May.

Dual Degree (University of Washington MSTI + Tsinghua University MSE (DSIT) programs), fall 2024 start

Applications for the Dual Degree program are currently open. Applicants will need to apply directly to both the Univeristy of Washington and Tsinghua University.

1. Prepare Your Documents

Transcripts: Prepare transcripts from every college or university where you earned a degree or college credit. Download unofficial transcripts or scan printed copies, and ensure that they are readable. Your transcripts should show your GPA, and number of credit hours per course completed, and also provide evidence that you have completed the prerequisite coursework listed here. If you accept an offer of admission, you will be required to submit an official transcript from your most recent or relevant degree.

Letters of Recommendation: You will need to request two to three letters of recommendation from professional or academic references. Ask individuals who know you well and can speak to the skills, abilities, and experiences that would make you a great candidate for the MSTI program. Recommendations can come from faculty members, mentors or supervisors. You will need to enter the email address for each recommender into the Graduate School application which will trigger an email directing them to a secure website where they can submit their letters.

If you are applying to the dual degree program, your recommenders will need to submit recommendations to both the UW and Tsinghua University. Because the recommendations can be the same for both institutions, please ask them to address the letter to the "Dual Degree Review Committee" and to recommend you for the "Dual Degree program (MSTI + MEDSIT)." Please consult the Tsinghua University website for more information about submitting your recommendations to their application.

Resume or curriculum vitae: Prepare a resume or curriculum vitae to provide a chronology of your academic and professional experience, highlighting the most relevant educational and work activities. Include any interests or volunteer work that have prepared you for this course of study.

In a personal statement of no more than 1000 words (around 200 words per question), answer the questions below and discuss how they relate to the specific degree program you are applying for (MSTI-Connected Devices, MSTI-Robotics, Dual Degree-Connected Devices, Dual Degree-Robotics). This statement will serve as an example of your written communication skills.

The Master of Science in Technology Innovation program prepares its graduates to become innovators in the global market for connected devices or robotics through an immersive, project-based curriculum focused on technology development, design thinking, and entrepreneurial skills.

  • What specific aspects of the MSTI program are of most interest to you and why?
  • What are your goals and aspirations, and how will participation in this program help you achieve them?
  • Based on your previous experiences, what unique contribution would you bring to enhance the learning experience of your cohort of student peers?
  • Tell us about emerging technologies that you are interested in pursuing and/or about any particular problem spaces and/or user groups you are passionate about addressing
  • The MSTI curriculum requires basic computer programming knowledge to succeed. How are you prepared to tackle the technical challenges of the program? What kind of technical skills are you hoping to learn?

Prepare a digital portfolio of your work (highly recommended). Applicants are encouraged to submit a digital portfolio. Although it’s not required, the portfolio gives the review committee a better idea of your experience and skillset.

Your portfolio can be anything that demonstrates your interests or creativity through three to five examples of previous work. Examples of items to feature in your portfolio might include screenshots of an app you built, a video of a project you worked on, or a video for a Kickstarter campaign you launched.

Create the portfolio in a PDF format. You may include examples of your work in the PDF or embed links to other sites, such as your own website or a portfolio website such as GitHub or Squarespace. Please do not submit any hard-copy materials; instead, take photos or create brief, two- to three-minute videos of your work to include in the portfolio. Your PDF portfolio should be no larger than 30 MB.

2. Submit Your Application

  1. Start your [online application to the UW Graduate School](
  • Select the MSTI program Select "Global Innovation Exchange – Interdisciplinary Group (MS in Technology Innovation)" as the program name. Indicate whether you want to apply to the MSTI only or the Dual Degree option.

  • Upload all documents

  1. Upload the following documents in PDF format:
  • transcripts
  • personal statement
  • resume or curriculum vitae
  • digital portfolio (highly recommended)
  1. Recommendations

Designate the people who have agreed to write letters of recommendation for you. Include their contact information, and remind your recommenders to expect an email from the University of Washington.

  1. Submit your application fee

If you cannot afford the application fee, you can request an application fee waiver from the graduate school. The fee waiver is not available to international students.

Important note to dual degree applicants: You will also need to submit your application materials to the Tsinghua program. Please review the Tsinghua Website for directions.

In addition to the MSTI application at the University of Washington, you will need to submit a separate application for the MSE (DSIT) program to Tsinghua University. You can find the instructions for the application process along with important dates and deadlines on the Tsinghua website.