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Five Ways the MS in Technology Innovation Prepares You for a Career in Technology

Design thinking, knowledge of product development, and proficiency with emerging technologies are crucial for today’s design, consulting, and technical product manager roles. The MS in Technology Innovation (MSTI) program combines technical coursework with human-centered design to give graduates a critical advantage in securing tech industry roles.  

Ninety-five percent of MSTI graduates are working in a related field within six months of graduation. Here are five reasons why:  

1) A modern curriculum designed to launch careers. The MSTI program is the flagship offering of the Global Innovation Exchange, a partnership founded by the University of Washington, Tsinghua University, and Microsoft that prepares you to leverage emerging technologies in meaningful and impactful ways. The intensive project-based curriculum prepares you to address real-world problems using connected devices and robotics solutions. Courses teach how to effectively define a problem, then research, prototype, test, and iterate on a solution. You will work in a cross-disciplinary team composed of fellow students from diverse backgrounds around the world, gaining new skills and perspectives. This holistic approach to design and problem-solving prepares you for careers at leading global tech companies. 

2) Hands-on experience working with industry partners. The GIX Consortium includes companies such as T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Vulcan, Inc. MSTI students do not just receive occasional advice from industry experts, they work alongside them as they tackle their Launch Project, a six-month-long, open-ended, real-world challenge facing a company or nonprofit organization. These Launch Projects provide students with the opportunity to learn more about the companies and teams they are often eventually hired into. 

3) Professional career development services. We are dedicated to ensuring MSTI students are exceptionally prepared for job searches, career changes, and early career success. A full-time career advisor hosts career development workshops, conducts one-on-one advising sessions, connects students to employers, and provides support as students navigate their job searches. Alumni frequently report that this direct connection between their education and preparation for job searching directly led to being hired at their companies of choice.  

4) Formal and informal mentorship from subject matter experts. The GIX Mentor Network is another unique aspect of the program which facilitates meaningful connections with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and international faculty. This vast network of professionals and academics offers a broad variety of expertise, perspectives, and insights you can leverage anytime to help solve a complex technical problem, make an informed professional choice, or even navigate early stages of your career.  

The GIX Speaker Series invites working professionals to share details about their work, such as how they solved unique challenges. The Q&A portion of each talk gives students the chance to learn career insights and how professionals solve problems before the opportunity to exchange contact information and connect again. 

5) World-class faculty and facilities. The University of Washington was ranked as the #1 most innovative US public university according to Reuters in 2019. The MSTI draws on faculty expertise and creativity across three UW colleges to deliver its interdisciplinary coursework and help students develop the skills necessary for the tech industry’s most challenging jobs.  

The state-of-the-art Prototyping Labs enables students to rapidly build, test, and iterate designs. The Labs offer workshops that complement the curriculum and help students learn more about the tools and technologies available for their use. 

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Interested in learning more about the MSTI program? Click here for details about the program or view past Launch projects. Ready to apply? Learn how.  

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