Lakshita Singh

UW MSTI Expected 2025
MSTI Ambassador

Bachelor’s Degree: Math and Computer Engineering

I come from Delhi, the bustling heart of India where momos (dumplings) reign. I completed my undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Computing Engineering in Delhi itself. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's program in Technology Innovation with a specialization in Robotics at the University of Washington.

I believe that engineering isn't about perfect solutions; it's about doing the best you can with limited resources. My career goal is to leverage my engineering background and expertise in robotics innovation. I am passionate about developing technologies for healthcare and for people in need. I am currently engaged in research at the Personal Robotics Lab, focusing on the development of an assistive dextrous feeding arm for individuals with upper limb disabilities. I am also the first author of the paper "Synergizing Reinforcement Learning for Cognitive Medical Decision-Making," published in Springer.

Previously, I worked as a Google Research Intern in MLOps, where I contributed to developing a testing pipeline for a self-driving car project.

As I live in Bellevue, you can often find me at Maydenbauer Bay Park on sunny afternoons and evenings, often with my nose buried in a book.