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April 27, 2023

How to Navigate an Ever-changing and Dynamic Career:…


What tech-industry insiders and UW MSTI alumni say are critical strategies that everyone should use in their careers. Despite a near-historically-low national unemployment rate in the U.S., those paying close attention to headlines will read stories that workers are being laid off, even though their companies are reporting record profits and growth. It seems that ( … )

April 22, 2023

Five Ways the UW MSTI Prepares You for…


Design thinking, knowledge of product development, and proficiency with emerging technologies are crucial for today’s design, consulting, and technical product manager roles. The MS in Technology Innovation (MSTI) program combines technical coursework with human-centered design to give graduates a critical advantage in securing tech industry roles.   Ninety-five percent of MSTI graduates are working in a ( … )

March 17, 2023

How the UW MSTI Will Launch Your Career…


The University of Washington’s MS in Technology Innovation (MSTI) is an 18-month career- focused degree that combines design thinking, hardware/software prototyping, and entrepreneurship all delivered at the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) in Bellevue. GIX is an exciting, technology-focused learning environment in Bellevue, Washington, in the heart of the west coast’s tech community. Students work in ( … )

September 30, 2022

GIX Welcomes 6th Cohort of UW MS Technology…


The 6th cohort of UW MS in Technology Innovation (MSTI) students arrived at the Steve Ballmer Building from around the world. The largest incoming cohort of students yet, Cohort 6 comprises 70 students from 8 countries and spanning a diverse range of undergraduate degrees. For the first time, the MSTI is more than 50% female! ( … )

June 16, 2022

Exploring Borderless Collaboration with Web 3.0


Students in the MS in Technology Innovation program recently participated in a two-day workshop on Web 3.0, a next generation of web technology built on blockchain. Day one of the Web 3 workshop, led by tech entrepreneurs Chris Banbury of Vision and Ehsan Shariati of Functionland, introduced MSTI students to the basics of Web 3 ( … )

April 05, 2022

University of Washington Students Win Microsoft Imagine Cup…


This March, thousands of students from across the Americas competed in the regional finals of this year’s Microsoft’s Imagine Cup. Now in its 20th year, the competition challenges students to address social issues in the areas of earth, education, health, or lifestyle using technology. Team Melodic, composed of Shuoxuan Wang, Xiaoyang Qiu, and Jinyao Ouyang ( … )

March 07, 2022

Team Ultropia Wins the 2022 GIX Innovation Competition


Congratulations to teams Ultropia, FuchsiaBand, and Osto-Mate for taking the top prizes in the 2022 GIX Innovation Competition! Now in its fifth year, the competition aims to spur innovative and inclusive solutions to pressing global problems. For 2022, entrants were challenged to create a novel technological or robotic solution for the home that addresses a ( … )

February 07, 2022

Q&A with MSTI Students About Their Robotics Stockroom…


The market for new consumer-facing robots is growing rapidly, with the service robotics market expected to increase 300% by 2026. The robotics industry is responding in kind, shifting focus from industrial automation to assistive and service robots that support everyday health, efficiency, and wellbeing. MS in Technology Innovation robotics students Daniel Azua, Yifei Fang, and ( … )

November 22, 2021

Q&A with the Team Behind an Augmented Reality…


“Our shared value was to learn the new technology (AR). We wanted high-quality outcomes, and we got them.”  For every MSTI student, the last six months of the program truly is the time to shine. They form teams and apply the knowledge and experience accumulated from previous quarters to create their industry-sponsored Launch Projects. These projects ( … )

October 11, 2021

How the University of Washington Prepares Students for…


“These problems are not just robot problems, they’re human/robot/environment problems,” said Sarah Elliot, Robotics Engineer at Fetch Robotics. Eighty-eight percent of businesses worldwide expect to integrate robotic automation into their infrastructure, with sales and investment into robotic systems increasing at a record pace (source). The robotics track of the MS in Technology Innovation (MSTI) program, ( … )

October 08, 2021

5G Open Innovation Lab Opens Office in Steve…


The 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) has opened its first office, making the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) building in Bellevue’s Spring District its home and giving the lab a physical foothold in an emerging area of the booming Eastside city. GIX, a partnership between the University of Washington and Tsinghua University in Beijing, is ( … )

September 14, 2021

Sean Carr named Executive Director and CEO of…


Sean Carr has been named Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX). Carr will assume the role in January 2022 and will be based at the Steve Ballmer Building, GIX’s home in Bellevue, Washington. “GIX is a wonderful example of how the UW maximizes impact through partnership and academic innovation,” ( … )

May 27, 2021

Inside the MSTI Experience: How UW Grad Students…


The University of Washington’s MS in Technology Innovation (MSTI) program blends high-quality faculty instruction and collaborative learning experiences with mentorship from GIX Consortium companies. The Launch Project program pairs students with professionals to tackle real challenges facing their companies, the MSTI curriculum leverages industry expertise, and the GIX Prototyping Labs provide a space for professionals ( … )

April 16, 2021

Team HydroFarm Wins 2021 GIX Innovation Competition


Congratulations to Team HydroFarm for winning the 2021 GIX Innovation Competition. Now in its fourth year, the GIX Innovation Competition aims to spur innovative and inclusive solutions to global challenges. This year’s competition, sponsored by Microsoft FarmBeats, the UW MS in Technology Innovation Program, and the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, sought original, technologically inventive projects in areas such as the internet of ( … )

March 16, 2021

GIX Welcomes 2021 Consortium Members and Partners


Members of the GIX Consortium gathered Friday to mark the start of a new project year working with UW students in the MS in Technology Innovation (MSTI) program. Over the next six months these interdisciplinary student and industry Launch Project teams will create high-impact technology solutions to address societal challenges in the areas of health, ( … )

December 30, 2020

University of Washington and Tsinghua University Renew GIX…


Tsinghua University and the University of Washington recently renewed the GIX Dual Degree the two universities launched five years ago as part of their Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) partnership. Tsinghua President Qiu Yong and UW President Ana Mari Cauce virtually signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) through an online ceremony. The signing ceremony was hosted ( … )