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Prototyping Labs

Designed to complement GIX graduate and professional programs, the Labs provide students the tools and support needed to turn concepts into tangible prototypes.

About the Prototyping Labs

The Prototyping Labs provide students and makers with a safe, well-equipped, and knowledgeably staffed environment in which they can explore how traditional, contemporary, and emergent processes of making can inform and advance design. 

Learners of all backgrounds and capacities can leverage the facility’s comprehensive collection of tools and equipment, training and skill-building sessions, and professional staff available to provide support and guidance on the safe and effective use of the resources, as well as design thinking and fabrication strategies.

The Shops

At the heart of the Prototyping Labs users will find a variety of specialized facilitates that collectively comprise “The Shops.” Engaging with these facilities, including a wood and plastics shop, milling and machine room, CNC router room, paint booth, and large format laser, help users learn to manipulate physical materials in three dimensions. 

Users can explore form-finding, fabrication, and assembly techniques, and create complex parts and assemblies using computer-controlled equipment.

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The large cooperative work area at the center of the Labs is affectionately called the Makerspace. This area includes worktables, model-making supplies, drawing tools, and a variety of other maker technologies that don’t fit the confines of a specific lab.

It is in this exploration and tinkering space that students, faculty, staff, and other members of the GIX community interact and collaborate on design and prototyping solutions that address the unique challenges of their projects. 

Users can explore form-finding, fabrication, and assembly techniques, and create complex parts and assemblies using computer-controlled equipment.

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Rapid Prototyping Bay

The Rapid Prototyping Bay adjacent to the Makerspace houses a variety of self-service and full-service 3D printing and laser cutting technologies. 

Laser cutting and 3D printing are the most popular maker technologies in the Prototyping Labs. With more than laser cutters and 30 3D printers of various types, the Labs have substantial capacity for rapid prototyping. 

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Hardware Prototyping Lab

The Hardware Prototyping Lab is a dedicated space for developing, testing, and fabricating electronics hardware prototypes. It houses several fully-equipped electronic workstations, a full line of printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping equipment, and a library of materials and components available to all users.

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Robotics Lab

The Robotics Lab is a multi-functional workspace that includes individual workstations, electronics workbenchesand mobility and manipulation robots for project use.

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A Learning Community

The Prototyping Labs is a shared space for industry, students, and faculty to work and learn from one another. Students are encouraged to share what they’ve built and get input from colleagues and mentors of diverse backgrounds through each phase of design and development.

Get Involved at the Prototyping Labs

We are developing new programs and opportunities to engage with the Prototyping Labs. Please fill out the form if you are interested in getting involved.