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Sponsoring and Empowering Innovators with IEEE GHTC

The University of Washington’s Global Innovation Exchange empowers innovators from around the world to develop
technology-based solutions to consequential, real-world problems.
Working at the intersection of technology, innovation, design-thinking, and entrepreneurship, GIX has assembled a
global network of cross-sector partners committed to interdisciplinary, experiential learning.

The University of Washington is proud to sponsor the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference because it aligns closely with our values – improving the lives of people around the world through technology.

Interested in joining our Global Network?  Select your interests and tell us!  We will reach out to you with more information.

Quick Facts

18-Month Intensive Program
95% Placement rate for graduates
Cohort Program with Team-based Projects

Past MSTI Student Projects Include:

  • Create a system of IoT devices to collect data on plastic waste in rivers in partnership with Microsoft. (Watch the video)
  • Develop search and rescue drones with remote operations using T-Mobile 5G technology. (Read the poster)
  • Protect the health of U.S. Department of Natural Resources Wildland firefighters with smart helmets. (Read our blog)
  • Integrate Machine Learning and Computer Vision in a Microsoft AI for Good project to create a portable retinal imaging system for use in remote areas. (Watch the video)
  • Implement technology-assisted therapeutic devices in partnership with University of Washington researchers and elderly care facilities. (Read the poster)
I worked on group projects with different people and stakeholders from different cultures. It forces you to learn how to cooperate with people who have different mindsets.

Linzi Xu, Class of 2018, UX Research at Microsoft