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Academic Paper by GIX Students Accepted to the IEEE UEM Conference

Date: December 06, 2018

A group photo of the GIX student team at the IEEE conference. Featuring (from left to right) Xu Yan, Junfeng Xiong, Xincheng Li, and Yu Yang.

An academic paper written by a group of students in our first cohort, Yu Yang, Xincheng Li, and Junfeng Xiong, was recently submitted and accepted to the distinguished IEEE UEM (Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics and Mobile Computing) Conference.

This achievement marks the first academic paper published by GIX students.

The paper, titled Building Towards “Invisible Cloak”: Robust Physical Adversarial Attack on Yolo Object Detector, explores ways to identify and defend against cybersecurity adversarial attacks, with the broader goal to provide safer AI-driven services to the public. It was developed in collaboration with GIX’s Consortium partner, Baidu, and it was one component of their final launch (capstone) projects.

In the future, the algorithms proposed in the paper could potentially be applied to high-impact emerging technologies, like self-driving vehicles.

To learn more, download the paper here.