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Learn more about Miirabella and previous innovation competition projects

Date: September 15, 2020


UW MSTI Team Members: Zoe Zou, Nicholas Becker

Catering to the growing supplements market, which is predicted to reach $230 billion by 2022, Varista is a personalized solution that provides consumers with at-home testing kits to determine their supplement needs. Varista enables consumers to make informed decisions, removing the guesswork involved in choosing the right supplements for their health needs.

UW MSTI Team Members: Arielle Leung, Yu Yang, Yifan Liu

Miirabella is a cutting-edge mobile solution that leverages 3D Facial Recognition, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to remedy the complexity of makeup application. Miirabella helps users expand potential beauty options at the lowest possible cost. It also provides real-time assistance on makeup procedures in ways that are both fully customizable and interactive.

UW MSTI Team Members: Benjamin Keller, Bety Mehide, Davo Franco

Robodog strives to provide elderly care to the growing senior population. Its features, which include biometric data and health monitoring, voice interaction, emotional recognition, and personal assistance, provide seniors with the love of a pet and more, without the maintenance needed to care for a real dog.

DyVA (Dynamic Voice Authentication)
UW MSTI Team Members: Yu Zou, Xu Yan

Designed to replace the existing account login system, which uses passwords and security questions, DyVA (Dynamic Voice Authentication) is a smart solution for protecting your personal and sensitive information.  By combining biometric prints and other proprietary technologies, DyVA simplifies the signup process, improves customer experience, and enhances the overall level of security for its users. It’s also intended to integrate seamlessly with existing business infrastructure.

UW MSTI Team Members: Haochen Zhan, Jacques Feng, Zhiyuan Ma

NewHab’s patient-friendly wearable devices strive to improve the level of rehabilitation services that currently exist in China. Targeting the many patients suffering from mobility restriction, NewHab is designed to facilitate the distribution of professional resources for post-surgical orthopedics, boosts the efficiency of in-clinic physiotherapists, and enables rehabilitation telemedicine via a web portal accessible to both patients and therapists.