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MSTI Launch Projects

MSTI students work with the interdisciplinary teams with mentors from GIX Consortium organizations to develop an impactful technology solution to a pressing problem. Projects have addressed a wide range of challenges over the years, many of them health- or environment-related, but also ranging fields as diverse as education, ecology, and agriculture. Videos of select projects can be found here.

Class of 2021 Students Launch Projects

Model Monitor

Jerry Wang, Qintian Li, Yanzhang Li, Ziqi Wang

This Microsoft Azure sponsored project alerts users to data drift in Machine Learning models that cause inaccurate predictions – these can have negative impacts on business and health applications.

The Model Monitoring software will alert users when their Machine Learning Model will need to be retrained, allowing users to ensure their model remains accurate, while saving energy by reducing wasted computing cycles.



Annan Li, Daniel Azúa, James Muir, Sulaiman Al Akbari, Yifei Fang

This project sponsored by Fetch Robotics and Kinova Robotics created a robotic stockroom retrieval system. Users request equipment via app, which is picked by Kinova arms, and delivered by the Fetch robot, and then request automatic restocking when finished. This automation is considerably more efficient which allows human employees to be dedicated to more detail oriented tasks.



Dongbin Bai, Guanting Li, Michael Cross, Yeon Hee Rho

While airplanes are parked at the gate with APU running, it leads to carbon emissions. This Port of Seattle sponsored project allows airports to monitor when planes are using APU so they can create policies to reduce emissions.



Ross Todrzak, Shannon Truong, Wesley Muthemba, Yue Wu

Orthopedics has traditionally required cadavers to allow advanced training for orthopedic surgeons – but this student-led project aims to use augmented reality to change that. By using AR, training can become more accessible and cost less. Thanks to the University of Washington Medical School for their support.


Weather Box

Germaine Ng, Xuefei Chen, Thomas Shen

Wildfire prevention needs constant updates on weather needing expensive weather stations or manual data collection using handheld devices. Working with the Allen Institute for Advanced AI and the Washington Department of Natural Resources, a low cost digital weather station was developed to allow near real time weather data to allow for better firefighting planning.



April Zhao, Haiyang Yu, Hua Lo, Shixin Frank Qin

Wildfires are also a significant threat to livestock, and this T-Mobile sponsored project created a tracking system that would be able to track horses that either escape or were released in order to save their lives from approaching disasters like wildfires.



Hernan F. Herrera Polanco, Marcus Choi, Natalia Stepanova

Our third wildfire related project this year with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Allen Institute for Advanced AI, and T-Mobile to create tracking devices to track both firefighters and hazards allowing more coordination of fire crews, protecting the crew and responding to changing fire conditions.


Class of 2020 Students Launch Projects

APU Monitoring System

Yingru Feng, Cody Gagnon, Jerry Liang, Yujie Zhu, Yuzhou Zhuang

Reduce aircraft emissions through the power of AI. Decrease air pollutants by 27,000 lb and cut fuel costs by $630,000 per year. Capture and gain insights from previously inaccessible data streams.



Huichen Li, Yun Liu, Lu Wang

Cocobot is a virtual therapy chatbot that helps family caregivers of people with chronic conditions access self-care tools more conveniently and flexibly.



Frank Zhou, Ketki Hardas, Jialin Zhao, Lu Wei, Tommy Ho

A portable low-cost fundus camera + AI-based software + supporting web app to facilitate data collection.



Paulo Goncalves, CJ Ngeh, Jiali Zhang, Gulnara Sarymbekova, He Feng

An affordable and innovative helmet to help wildland firefighters prevent heat-related illnesses on the fireline.


Dominick Mendoza, Lyuting Wu, Robin Yang, Zhan Shi

Using noise cancelling earbuds to detect fluid in the middle ear, the team can help parents and guardians identify the need for further screening.

Memory Lane

Amal M. Abualrahi, Joey Wang, Yi Zheng

A system that assists caregivers and older adults with dementia through reminiscence.



Amy Chen, Kelsey Guo, Ken Christofferson, Shi Ni, Steven Guh

A mobile phone application that accurately reads rapid diagnostic test (RDT) results. During this phase of the project, the team created a data collection application that captures users’ workflows and a machine learning solution that reads RDTs. (student-led project)

Arpan Agarwal, Jay Chakalasiya, Chuck Scott

A respiratory monitoring platform to improve Asthma treatment.


T-Mobile Dronected

Issac Boger, Justin Ho, Ke Wang, Chun-an Ku, Wenbo Zhong

5G connected drones give search and rescue pilots powerful new tools to save lives.


T-Mobile IoT

Alvaro Carmona, Chen Ma, Vivian Wang, Yida Zhao, Wenyuan Zhang

Self-service IoT certification toolkit to save developers’ time and to speed up the production process.


Class of 2019 Students Launch Projects

Microsoft A-Eye

Adele Parsons, Rutuja Jadhav, Steven Han, Tienke Li

A low-cost and portable retina camera with Artificial Intelligence image enhancement to expand access to ophthalmologic care.

Microsoft Gaia Cam

Cici Dai, Geoffrey Waterhouse, Peiling Li, Thomas Wang

An integrated system of Internet of Things devices that use computer vision devices to collect data on plastic waste in rivers.

Uniband (student-led project)

Gero Bergk, Joohyung Kim, Yewei Zhang, Yuanwei Zhang

A smart wristband and software that allows Parkinson’s patients and their doctors to record and track their medication and daily activities on a smart phone.


BattREuse (student-led project)

William Buchanan, Zachary Badger-Markey, Ricky Powell, Louis Quicksell

A scalable framework and technology to facilitate a circular economy for lithium ion batteries through data-driven insights.


T-Mobile Arrow

Allyson Kline, Cody Wu, Jay Luo, Zewen Pan

A cross-floor AR navigation and way-finding application to demonstrate the capabilities of the 5G network.


T-Mobile 5G Retail Experience

Angela Sun, David Dai, Difei Lu, Jerry Shen, Michael Lai

A proof-of-concept for an AR mobile experience that teaches retail customers about 5G’s capabilities and offerings in an engaging, two-part game.


Roobo SpeakFun!

Josh Clancy, Yujing Li, Minyi Liu, Ruibing Zhao

A language learning app for preschool children with interactive stories and voice-controlled adventure games.


Robot Factory (student-led project)

Andrew Luck, Ao Cai, Bowen Zhang, Carl Yu, Ying Zheng

A game that teaches coding by engaging users to build robots with different capabilities and strengths, and to then meet in fully simulated or augmented reality environments to socialize or compete.


Harman Harmonica

Chengyu Cui, Feng Wang, Sixuan Li, Xinyu Pan

Machine learning and edge computing powered headphone technology that allows users to be safer and more aware in their listening environment.


Vulcan Empathics

Tian Feng, LeAnn Huang, Chris Tran, Shine Lin

A real-time emotion analysis system that helps people with autism become more aware of the emotions of those with whom they are speaking.



Class of 2018 Students Launch Projects


Misha, Archisa, Sean, Tyson

An AR-based physical retail concept store and an Android phone app to create a more engaging and interactive instore experience for AT&T customers.


Baidu CyberStorm

Darren Yang, Xincheng Li, Jay Xiong

A unique software to identify and defend against cybersecurity adversarial attacks, with a goal of providing safe AI-driven services to the public.


Boeing Quaternion

Alvaro Carmona, Chen Ma, Vivian Wang, Yida Zhao, Wenyuan Zhang

A mobile app that improves the end-to-end user journey for air travelers, keeping passengers up to date with their flights by providing real-time flight status alerts, airport tips and in-airport navigation maps, and a flight profile with all the users’ flights logged.


Microsoft FarmBeats

Padraic Casserly, David Franco, Ibtasam Sharif, Xu Yan

An AI-driven solution that interprets chicken vocalizations and then notifies farmers when their chickens are in distress to decrease the number of deaths, especially amongst egg-laying hens.


Microsoft Diversita

Ben Keller, Ryan Wu, Phelps Xia, Hal Zhang

A sophisticated and low-cost backyard camera trap that integrates machine learning (ML) on the Edge, connectivity, and Cloud services to identify over 5,000 species and offer a real-time window into biodiversity.


T-Mobile Project FlaminGO

Zoe Zou, Mike Ma, Vivian Huang, Amit Anand

An augmented reality (AR) mobile game that explores and showcases the high-speed, low-latency, and wide bandwidth of the 5G network.



Alvaro Carmona, Chen Ma, Vivian Wang, Yida Zhao, Wenyuan Zhang

An educational game app that allows parents to personalize and remotely guide their child’s learning experience, providing the opportunity to customize the lessons and skills they teach, relative to their own values and beliefs.



nnie Zhang, Jason Xu

A machine learning-based automatic sales forecasting system for clothing retailers and manufacturers to improve the accuracy of clothing sales predictions, which are currently based primarily on the subjective experiences of sales experts.


Kico PlayerX

Han, Jac, Jeremy, Yifan

A mobile app to help transplants connect with other foreigners and locals in the area.


UbiRight (Student-initiated project)

Ivan Yin, Ze Tian, Jianyu Zhou, Weijia Wu

An original content monetization platform that provides a tamper-proof blockchain timestamp for original written and visual content posted online.